Change Your Tomorrow

Change Your TomorrowRight now take a moment to realize that you are a unique manifestation of life itself. As a drop of water is like in kind and quality to the ocean, but a mere difference in the quantity, you too are a smaller portion of the grander scheme of things.  If you’ll go ahead and start shifting your perspective today, then it’ll be easy to change your tomorrow.  Step away from the smaller perspective, where circumstances in your personal life are skewed and magnified.  You can’t undo anything in the past, but the wonderful thing is that doing that is not necessary.  If you’ll commit to look forward instead of backward, you’ll be in a better position to create the life that you are after.  Understand that your home is being connected to the divine, to the extraordinary, and if you’ll begin to see things with your inner eye, and you make choices that are conducive to love, you will have tapped into all the power in the world.  You’ve got hands so place them on the steering wheel where they belong—see how easily you can change your tomorrow? Keep in mind where you’re going, and enjoy the moments along the journey there. Stay focused & positive. You can do it! :)

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